Confidence Power Holdings-Oil & Shipping

Confidence Power Holdings-Oil & Shipping is a concern of Confidence Group with an exclusive charter to manage Oil supply and requisite logistics for all power plants under the Confidence umbrella.

Confidence Power Holdings-Oil & Shipping provides a comprehensive end-to-end support by managing Fuel sourcing, carriage and distribution to each of the power plants. Confidence Power Holdings Ltd, with a combined fleet of 5 inland oil-bunker ships and over 20 oil takers for road transportation, is located on Natakhola shoreline.

As Confidence Power Holdings Limited established three power plants in the North of the country, there is a recurring need for a good amount of fuel as raw materials in that region. The plants are not near any river as a means of fuel transportation. The outsourcing cost of supplies became rather expensive, so we decided to go with our storage and distribution process following the inception of Confidence Power Holdings-Oil & Shipping.

We face several challenges while supplying fuel in North Bengal—starting with the seasonal drought that brings down the water level in the rivers, forcing carrier ships to set their delivery point at a far distance from the plants. These seasonal situations sometimes even last six months during a year, causing our lead time to go higher and challenging to keep an efficient supply chain for the plants. Moreover, we often face labor strikes considering the industry that we are operating in. This requires us to work with our policies for everyone’s best interest continually. Another challenge we have to face is berthing issues, as berthing schedules can be against our favor at times. Lastly, we have a few rental ships and our own fleet, and getting rental ships on time when needed can be a big challenge.

The challenges we faced pushed us to become the first mover in the North for this kind of business as a private company. With our tireless efforts and dedication, our system has developed to serve other companies’ needs after fulfilling our own. Our remarkable performance during the drought season has impressed many, including the government, so much that they expressed interest in following our model.

Quality is our first and foremost priority, which drives us to maintain a rigorous quality checking throughout the entire process from Singapore to the project. We perform tests at every touchpoint of the fuel journey to ensure the desired quality of the material.