Confidence Power Bogura Unit-2 Ltd

Name of the CompanyConfidence Power Bogura Unit-2 Ltd
Contract Capacity113MW (Net)
Location of PlantBirgram, Bogura, Bangladesh
Plant TypeReciprocating Engine Based Power Plant
Contract Period15 years
Fuel TypeHeavy Fuel Oil (Furnace Oil)
Engine DetailsThe project has procured and imported 06 (six) MAN engines from MAN Energy Solutions Ltd. (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE), Augsburg, Germany and these are successfully installed and commissioned on time. This engine is unique for its turbochargers which results in greater efficiency and reliability.
Date of CompletionNovember 2019
Turbine and BoilerThe project has two MAN Turbines with Six High Pressure Boilers specially customized for the project.